About us

What we do is organise courses aimed at putting knowledge into practice.

What we stand for is putting quality of courses before profit.

Where we operate. Information about the types of course, and the subject areas we cover can be found here.

The BioUpdate Foundation was founded in 1992 with the aim of putting a new focus into technical training courses. It is a non-profit Educational Foundation registered in the Netherlands.  This status is why we put our focus on the quality of our courses rather than financial profit.

The BioUpdate Foundation is run by André Schram (left) who is based in the Netherlands and Tony Auffret (right) who is based in the UK.  We seek to create a portfolio of well defined post-experience residential courses on topical subjects, presented by well qualified tutors with specialist experience in the chosen topic, and working as a team. This is part of our strategy to give our courses a distinctive character and quality not found elsewhere.

One of the most important aims of the BioUpdate Foundation is to make courses more easily available to those who will benefit most; especially the younger and less experienced scientist. This is an important principle that guides our activities, and we strive to set fees that are affordable to all.

The Foundation also provides in-house courses to individual companies, which has included international law firms, especially tailored to meet their special requirements. Joint courses with Universities, Government Laboratories, and Scientific/Professional Societies have been another useful feature of the Foundation’s activities, leading to the generation of networks in a number of fields. In general, however, the BioUpdate Foundation remains a modest organisation. Our continuing existence, in the face of commercial competition, derives from providing top quality courses at affordable prices.

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