What makes our courses different?

What makes our courses different?

The BioUpdate Foundation courses have developed a distinctive character aimed at providing our delegates with the best opportunity to learn. Our typically short term, 2 or 3 day courses have two important features

  • Their small, friendly format with attendance limited to 20-25 participants.
  • The presence of tutors throughout the entire course.

Our “In House” courses, held on your premises, allow your staff to freely discuss your own issues and confidence and understand how the science can be best used to improve your products.

“Close to House” courses are open to other delegates but are based within reasonable distance of your company. We ask that you guarantee a minimum attendance, and in return you benefit from a reduced cost as your staff will not require accommodation.

Historically, BioUpdate run open courses with a number of benefits which we will continue to offer to our “in house” and “close to house” customers. Costs kept at a reasonable level by using comfortable, rather than plush hotels. We have never run symposium style courses where speakers arrive, deliver their lecture and leave. Our Tutors, usually two per course, are experienced and knowledgeable scientists in the course subject. working as a team. Both are present throughout the course maximising the opportunity for informal discussion and tutoring.

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