What kind of courses do we organise?

The courses we organise fall into two different categories:

Nuts and Bolts. These are broadly speaking foundation courses aimed at giving you the essential tools you need to work if you are entering a new area.  Our Freeze Drying of Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals, typifies this type of course.  Theses "Nuts and Bolts" courses are of special interest to those beginning their careers, who may be uncertain of how the science is put into practice, and to those who are changing direction in their career.

Hot Topics.  These are update courses aimed at the more experienced scientist in areas, for example,  where there are fast moving new developments, or the regulatory focus is changing, or perhaps it is timely to present a high level overview of an established topic.

In each of these two categories we organise courses which focus either upon aspects of Methodology or bioactive materials as Pharmaceutical Products.  Each course is limited to 20-25 participants to promote our small, friendly style. The table below outlines some of the courses we have run in the past, some we are actively planning, and some we are considering as future events.

We would very much welcome your comments on the courses we are planning or which you would like us to plan. Contact us

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